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In my webcam live sessions I often use the music of Alla Pavlova. She is my favorite composer. Her music is very emotional and contains all the necessary elements for any personally designed meditation.

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Mind for Health

Mind for Health

Self-healing through personally designed meditation and guided imagery. Sessions are by Arkady Nevler

Live Webcam Sessions

My expertise is in the field of self-healing and in the pioneering use of webcam sessions, mind-to-mind contact, and guided imagery to improve health.

The Universe is filled with healing energies and I can help mobilize your innate ability to receive them.

As your guide to healing, I establish strong contact between your mind and the area of disorder, and maintain the connection between them during the session.

My method is intuitive and I use targeting breathing, body positions, and auragenics to increase visualization for guided analysis. My method is based on 4 categories: temperature, moisture, flow, structure.

Now we are ready to design your personal meditation. I use nature's elements in the form of photo slides and meditation music.

The sessions are available in the English and Russian languages.

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5 sessions - $150.00

3 sessions - $105.00

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For an appointment, please call 917-346-3680 between 9:00am-9:00p.m. (EST), or e-mail